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10k and onwards

16 February 2015

10k and onwards

It's been a really tricky few weeks for me as I've been having a nightmare time with shin splints. However, I decided that the time had come to run regardless, because the big day is looming.

Over the weekend I took part in the Knebworth 10k with my husband and my eldest son, and posted what I thought was a respectable time of one hour and six minutes, given a month with very little running and the lingering shin splints.

Next week I'm stepping it up with a half marathon in Hampton Court, and after that it'll be a case of pain or no pain, there's no time left to rest!

I'm wearing the great Headstart T-shirt and hoody whenever I'm running or training, so if you spot me either pounding the streets or at an official event, please give me a wave or a cheer – it makes such a difference!

Sally x

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