Being faced with the prospect of treating your baby’s plagiocephaly or brachycephaly is daunting enough – we know, because we’ve been in that very situation ourselves – but it can be even worse if you’re not in a position to fund the treatment. Help is at hand, however, as our trustees have experience of successful fundraising initiatives, and are on hand to help with ideas and strategies to raise money towards your baby’s treatment.

We are more than happy for you to use the Headstart4Babies name and registered charity number (1112256) to support your fundraising, but please remember to contact us before you make a start. As a registered charity we are governed by the Charity Commission and must adhere to their guidelines at all times.

Making a start

The best way to make a start is to download our Fundraising leaflet, designed to offer guidelines, tips and advice on effective ways to raise funds.

Fundraising with JustGiving

An easy and effective way to raise money for your baby’s helmet treatment is via the JustGiving website. First download our useful guide How to raise money with JustGiving. The webpage you set up with JustGiving can link your fundraising to Headstart4Babies so your donors know they are contributing to a bona fide UK registered charity.

Finding inspiration

If you need inspiration or are interested in how others have successfully raised money for their babies’ treatment, visit our fundraising case studies page.

Getting further help

For further promotional materials please visit our resources page, where you can download, print and circulate leaflets, flyers, posters and forms to help your initiatives. Should you have any queries, or require any specialist advice, please feel free to email us at:

Good luck with your fundraising!

How do I start fundraising for my baby’s treatment?

Find out how you can start raising funds for your baby’s treatment with our guidelines and tips.

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Do I qualify for funding for my baby’s treatment?

Complete our online financial assessment form for consideration by our trustees.

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