Success stories

Plagiocephaly and brachycephaly have both been successfully treated with helmets for many years. Discover some treatment success stories below – simply click a child’s name from the list on the left to view their story.


Ben's story

Parent(s): Karen and Philip

Location: Cambridgeshire

Ben was born by rotational forceps on 3 June 2004 in the Rosie Maternity Hospital in Cambridge. From very early on, he favoured looking to one side, and after ten to 12 weeks mum Karen noticed that a flat spot had appeared on one side of the back of his head. Looking down on his head from above, it also became obvious that his ears were quite considerably out of alignment.

Having spoken to the health visitor and been told that the condition would round out as he grew, Karen subsequently met another mum at playgroup whose son had a Cranio® helmet. On chatting, she discovered that this baby was similarly affected, and Karen and Philip contacted the specialist and emailed him some photos for an initial assessment.

The specialist invited them to attend his next clinic and made a more thorough evaluation, concluding that Ben was 21mm out of alignment, technically a severe deformity. Karen and Philip opted to have the cast made on the same day and Ben was fitted with his helmet two weeks later (the end of November), when he was nearly six months old.

Karen and Philip had already seen some improvement in Ben's head shape before his first official measurement on 9 January 2005 confirmed that the 21mm misalignment had been reduced to 5mm in just six weeks. That improvement was attributable to the fact that treatment had been started at such an early stage, and Ben had taken to his helmet like a duck to water. At the next six-week check-up, the 5mm misalignment had reduced to just 2mm, and he was then measured at 0mm misalignment at his final check-up six weeks after that. As a result, Ben enjoyed complete correction and became a 'Cranio® graduate' after just 18 weeks.

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