Useful links

Whether you are a health professional seeking more information about the conditions or a parent who suspects that your baby may have plagiocephaly, you may find the following links useful. We recommend that any diagnosis is carried out by a qualified specialist.

A company offering the Cranio helmet, based in central London.

The London Orthotic Consultancy
Company offering the LocBand, based in Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Central London (Harley Street), Exeter, Leicester, Northampton and Romford.

Steeper Clinic
Company offering the STARband helmet, based in Leeds, London and Newcastle.

Technology in Motion
Company offering the PlagioCare helmet, based in Leeds, Coventry, London, Glasgow, Bristol and Manchester.

Customised mattresses developed to reduce the risk of plagiocephaly.

Heads UP Baby
Official website of the awareness and prevention programme for deformational plagiocephaly.

Product reviews, parenting advice and more.

Hands-on guide to pregnancy, birth and life.

Online pregnancy, baby and 'beyond babyhood' community.

Local network for mums by mums.

Useful resource for pregnancy information and parenting advice.

Craniofacial support group, featuring all conditions associated with craniosynostosis.

International Alliance of Patients' Organizations
Unique global alliance promoting patient-centred healthcare around the world.

Plagiocephaly Info
General information site with definitions of conditions and directory of US-based physicians.

Online parenting magazine with fun and advice for parents.

Jo Jingles
Fun music, singing and movement classes for babies and young children.

Foods Matter
A monthly support magazine for anyone suffering from a food allergy/intolerance or living on a restricted diet, whatever the cause.

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