Success stories

Plagiocephaly and brachycephaly have both been successfully treated with helmets for many years. Discover some treatment success stories below – simply click a child’s name from the list on the left to view their story.


Will's story

Parent(s): Harriet and Greg

Location: London

Harriet and Greg noticed Will's plagio a few months ago – he is now almost eight months old – but thought that it would improve as he began to sit up more and start rolling over. Unfortunately Will doesn't like rolling over and, as he started sitting up more, the plagio became more noticeable.

Harriet and Greg tried repositioning him in his cot but it didn't really make any difference. A paediatrician friend recommended a specialist; Harriet, herself a GP, says: "I am afraid to say I did not know about this form of treatment and I think that probably goes for most GPs."

After email contact with the specialist the parents flew to his clinic in Frankfurt, where he measured a 21mm misalignment and recommended the helmet. The casting was difficult, but the helmet was successfully fitted in place on Will's head by 8.45am the next morning. Harriet and Greg were extremely impressed with the specialist and his dedication and passion for this work. Will took to his new headgear very well, and as Harriet says: "It is amazing how adaptable babies are – we can learn so much from them!"

Will later had a second appointment with the specialist – he had gone from 21mm misalignment to 14mm in just four weeks.

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