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Plagiocephaly and brachycephaly have both been successfully treated with helmets for many years. Discover some treatment success stories below – simply click a child’s name from the list on the left to view their story.

Jenson Jenson

Jenson's story

Parent(s): Nickie and Steven

Location: Lincolnshire

Jenson was born on 12 October 2004. He had an induced birth but there was nothing unusual about it, and parents Nickie and Steven didn't connect his birth with his head shape.

They first noticed Jenson's head was flat on one side after about two months and so mentioned it to their health visitor, who said that it would get better with time – or that his hair would cover it. Over the next two months there was no change so Nickie mentioned it again – the same response was given. It wasn't until a friend came to visit and they got onto the conversation that Nickie became aware that a helmet could correct the problem, so she immediately booked an appointment with her doctor.

The conclusion to the appointment was that he would refer Nickie to a consultant and she would be seen in six weeks. A few weeks later her brother called to say he had read a newspaper article about a baby with a flat head – and that looking at the photograph of the baby which accompanied the article was just like looking at Jenson.

Nickie went straight on to the internet, searching for details and information, and came upon the Headstart4Babies website. From here she received advice and heard stories of other babies who were undergoing helmet therapy. She was told of two specialists to contact, and was able to choose who she saw; within a week the family were on a flight to Germany to have Jenson fitted with a Cranio® helmet.

Jenson was diagnosed with an asymmetry of 21mm and the specialist advised that he would need to wear the helmet for seven to eight months. He also informed the family that he could not promise to reduce the misalignment to 0mm due to the severity of the flatness (Jenson had a flatness to the back and front of his head, and his ears were also slightly out of alignment).

The family's reason for going ahead with the helmet therapy was that they felt they needed to think of his future, and because Jenson's dad started to lose his hair at 17 they did not want to take the gamble of Jenson also possibly losing his hair at a young age, revealing a flat head. Nickie and Steven knew they had only a few months to do something, and didn't want to reach that point where there would be nothing they could do to help him. As Nickie says, "I couldn't take that risk – you can't put a price on your child's future happiness."

After just eight weeks Nickie and Steven could see a huge difference in Jenson's head shape, and are very pleased with his progress. Meanwhile Jenson has never been bothered by the helmet: he does not get uncomfortable or distressed, he is still as he always was – a happy baby.

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